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Bushi and Brush

Bushi and Brush is a modern example of the two fold path. One of the philosophies of the samurai warriors was to teach both swordsmanship and art/calligraphy. This way, students would learn how to fight, but also how to create.

Our arts dojo follows a similar philosophy as we teach both self defense in the style of karate, and various forms of art and illustration. 

Martial Arts and Self Defense Classes
Online Art Training and Resources

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we will be reopening ASAP.

For now, we invite you to join our mailing list for online resources!


Jessica Becker

Jessica Becker is a freelance artist and writer, and 2nd-degree black belt with the title of Sensei. As a SCAD graduate (class of '16), she has a degree in sequential art, including skills making comics, manga, and storytelling. 

Joanna Becker


Joanna Becker is an illustrator and 1st-degree black belt. She is currently attending PCA&D (class of '21), for a degree in illustration with a special focus on medieval art. She has a passion for teaching and helping others.


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